Università degli Studi di Ferrara Politecnico Milano 1863 University of Milano-Bicocca

Getting There

How to reach Milan

From airports

Milan is easy to reach by means of transport, but is one of the most accessible cities in Europe in terms of air links:

Milano Linate take bus 73 in the direction of S.Babila M1.

Milano Malpensa take the shuttle train Malpensa Express to Cadorna Station (running every 30 minutes from 7.45 am; journey time about 40 minutes).

Bergamo Airport Orio take the shuttle bus to Milan Central Station.

By train

Trains arrive at Milan Central Station from many other major Italian and European cities. Travelling by train has the advantage of arriving directly into the heart of Milan.
In order to have good fares you can buy tickets in advance.

By car

From the Torino-Venezia motorway, take the "Milano-Viale Zara" exit and head towards the city centre.
Pass the sign indicating the Town limit roughly where you can see the "StarTourist" Hotel on your left.
Take Viale Sarca (first street parallel, on your left, to the one you are on).
After about 1 km going along Viale Sarca you will reach the university campus.

How to reach Bicocca

By tram

Line 31 at San Glicerio stop.

Line 7 at Arcimboldi-Ateneo Nuovo stop for U6/U7 buildings.
At the Stazione Greco FFSS stop you can take the Bicocca shuttle.

By bus

Line 87 at stop Corner Via P. Caldirola/Viale dell'Innovazione: the line links Sesto Marelli to Stazione Centrale (Milan Central Station).

Line 51 at Ponale Testi stop.

Line 81 at Breda Rucellai stop take the metro towards Piazzale Egeo.

For further information, please visit the ATM - Milanese Transport Company website.

By the underground

Line 5 at Bicocca stop (Piazza della Scienza) or Ponale stop.

Line 1 at Precotto stop, then metrotramvia 7 toward Piazzale Cacciatori delle Alpi.

Line 3 at Zara stop, then metrotramvia 7 toward Anassagora.

By train

From Milan Central Station it is possible to take the autobus line 87; as an alternative take line 3 metro in direction Maciachini, get off at the Zara stop and take tram line 7 to Università Bicocca Scienza stop or Arcimboldi Ateneo Nuovo stop.

From Cadorna Station take subway line 1 (direction Sesto 1° Maggio F.S.) - get off at the Precotto stop, then metrotramvia 7 toward Piazzale Cacciatori delle Alpi.

For further information, please visit the Trenitalia website (Italian Railways).

How to reach Conservatorio

You can easily reach Conservatorio by line 1 metro and get off at "San Babila" station.
Then a short walk of 600 mt to Via Conservatorio.

By the underground

Line 1 stop S. Babila; take via Borgogna, after the traffic lights go straight on in Via Mascagni, then turn right on the first

By train

Line 54 or 61 east direction, stop Mascagni-Conservatorio, take Via Conservatorio to the right.

Line 54 or 61 west direction, stop Monforte-S.Damiano, go back and take Via Conservatorio to the right.

Line 94 stop V.Modrone-Mascagni, go through Via della Passione until the end.

Airport information

From the Airport to the city

Connections to/from the airports are very convenient:

Train information

There are regular direct trains (every 60') operated by Trenord from Malpensa Airport to Milano Centrale train station.
There are two competitive Companies: Trenitalia and Italo
In order to have good fares you can buy tickets in advance.

Ground Transportation

Milan's efficient and far-reaching public transport system makes moving around the city fast and easy:

  • 6,000 taxis
  • 4 subway lines (80 km of subway network)
  • 1,300 kilometers of public transport network (bus, trams, sub-way) operated by ATM - Milanese Transport Company. Travel Cards allow you to travel whenever you wish and as often as you wish during your selected validity period (a week, month or year)
  • Bike sharing service: bycicles to be rended easily in town (1,500 bikes at disposal).